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Brittney Sundquist | FrozenFeathers

A visual artist based in Oakland and raised in California, FrozenFeathers explores the human experience through figurative representations of the human body that are juxtaposed with organic elements and abstract shapes. She specializes in realistic representations of people, flowers, foliage, animals, and site–specific mural making. Her public mural process begins with a research and discovery phase that allows her to incorporate the history and cultural feel of each community into the walls where her murals reside. As a mural maker, she believes that the essential purpose of public art is to speak to, represent, and inspire those who will most frequently interact with the artworks. 


Blending realism with a vibrant color pallet, her contemporary style employs graphic elements in order to explore the spatial relationships where we exist. She utilizes traditional paint brushing techniques alongside application with spray paint—creating a modern feel that speaks to a multi–generational audience. 


Through the use of these techniques she centers her storytelling around female and queer narratives in order to highlight and normalize the appearance of these voices. In a time and culture where women's authority over their bodies and sexuality is continually threatened, as well as discredited, this body of work serves as a retort and retaliation. It hopes to enliven the independence that female identifying individuals hold over their desires, whether they be overt or shrouded in a silent strength.  

She works as an Artist, Creative Director, Product Designer, and Graphic Designer.

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